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Metamorphosis Stage 2 of 4: Praise Lord Worm

Image of Metamorphosis Stage 2 of 4: Praise Lord Worm

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Perhaps you’ve seen this image before? Not in you waking life, but in the subconscious dream realm, where thoughts mingle with alternate realities. At least, that was the case for Vincent Fink...

Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 2 of 4: “PRAISE LORD WORM”
2010, 48"x33" graphite, ink, sumi on masonite

This image came to the artist in a dream in mid January, 2010. He saw this piece at his art director’s house (Mitch Different) and starred at it for as long as he could and when he awoke the general idea was still intact, so Vincent began sketching preliminaries and researching for the image to be manifested into real existence. Finally, four months later, after many sacrifices, it is the piece that stands before you now.

Lord Worm hails from another world on another time line, all of which remains a mystery. In the somnambulations of Vincent Fink, he feels, the piece came to him from the universe it’s self, and there’s no scientific explanation proving nor disproving his claim. For Vincent himself says he could never have conjured something so immense in imagery as well as concept yet no one else did either, so how is it here? What does it mean?

It’s pretty obvious to the viewer among hundreds of other things going on, there is a celebration in the streets for a large worm being carried in a palanquin, or carriage on sticks lifted by servants. The Worm is a symbol of some great religious and political power that is to be adorned by many and conspired against as well. Furthermore, a grub worm is just a stage in the life cycle of a beetle. So we also have this element of something large and time-consuming that eventually forms into the next stage of existence. Much like how the balance of power in the world has shifted from one stage to the other, each time there is growth and our idols change as well, but universally there is one being. The worm idea came more as an after thought, for, in the dream Vincent couldn’t tell what was in the box. Thus, he created a whole supporting concept as an explanation of Lord Worm and where he’s going.

It is also being made into Vincent’s premiere rock/metal album to be released next year. It attempts to fuse his ever-growing music style and art as one cohesive mass that can be appreciated in parts or as a whole. The most haunting reality is this concept requires four parts and all of this is only one of them. This project will not be over for years to come and one can expect as the artist grows, so will the intensity of each piece.

If you’re wondering, ‘can I buy a worm of my own?’, than the answer is, yes!